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Will the ½” window fit with existing hardware?2020-11-17T19:57:27+00:00

Yes, you do not need to have any extra hardware. You can use your existing hardware and gasket; we do not sell gaskets so please reach out to your dealer for a new one.

How is visibility/distortion?2020-11-17T20:56:19+00:00

We only use the highest quality optical-grade polycarbonate along with our proprietary forming capabilities result in no distortion on our windows. Our SUPERCOAT™ provides a long lifetime of clear visibility against yellowing and hazing.

What adhesive do I use?2020-11-17T19:56:56+00:00

To apply a window that glues in, we recommend Urethane– you can watch our installation video where we use Urethane to apply a Kubota Windshield. RTV Silicone is not an adhesive, only used for water barrier if needed.

Once there is a scratch, is there anything they can apply to get it buffed out?2020-11-17T19:56:36+00:00

Very light scratches can be filled with Novus wax, but due to the nature of silicone and polycarbonate, the coating cannot be re-worked.

What is the lead time?2022-09-02T19:32:15+00:00

Our lead time varies by product. When you select an item in our store that items lead time will be noted. We do our best to maintain stock items, if your order is a stock item your account manager will give you a ship date depending on our part. Other products range, if your item is not listed on our website be sure to call and check lead times. 1-800-554-7527

Will it break or shatter?2020-11-17T19:55:57+00:00

No, when facing standard hazards or used appropriately our windows will not break or shatter. This means proper fastener tightening and following all chemical compatibility guidelines.

Check out our social media for some great testimonies of our product in action.

Is this bulletproof?2020-11-17T19:53:21+00:00

No. Bulletproof products have polycarbonate within their lamination. However, our retail products are not laminate; therefore, not bulletproof. Our windshield and windows are Effectively Unbreakable – 260X stronger than glass thickness to thickness. We are here to provide true information to educate you and keep you safe on the job. Our ½” thick windows are the safest option and if you have questions about thicknesses please give us a call and check out our blog.


How long before it will scratch or haze?2020-11-17T19:51:49+00:00

This answer varies and is dependent upon the use of products. Please refer to our limited warranty for more information. We are proud of our SUPERCOAT™ and if you take care of it, it will perform for you.

What kind of warranty do you offer?2022-09-02T19:34:55+00:00

Yes, we have a limited warranty covering our SUPERCOAT™ coating. Please refer to this link for more information

Will the wipers scratch the product?2020-11-17T19:51:17+00:00

No, your wipers are safe to use. We post-coat all of our products with our proprietary SUPERCOAT™. This coating is a silicone hard coating scratch resistant to steel wool. We recommend that you check your wipers and make sure they are clean before using them; remove all rocks or sticks.

What do I clean it with?2020-11-17T19:50:17+00:00

When you receive your windshield there will be a care sheet will all of our instructions. In house we like to use water, isopropyl alcohol, and your generic brand window cleaner. Keep in mind some window cleaners work better than others. Check out our YouTube for our cleaning and care video.


Going from the original glass size to a thicker option will I have to do any adjusting to make yours fit properly?2020-11-17T19:44:26+00:00

No, with the SHIELDS® Advantage you get the form fit, and function of OEM glass at every thickness. We take the extra step so your window fits without any special additions on your end. Just fit any of our windows the same way you would fit your glass!